Fisher Cast Steel produces investment or lost wax castings in a wide range of stainless and carbon steel alloys for a diverse group of industries. In addition, we pour duplex, cobalt, invar, nickel-based and other alloys. Castings are produced to hold tight tolerances with a desirable surface finish. Our workforce has decades of experience and is equipped to produce various alloys and geometries needed for your application. Large investments have been made to our operations to improve efficiencies and maintain future viability.

Production Control:

Our operation is equipped with foundry-based ERP software to manage and track the entire casting process. This gives us the ability to track labor routing throughout the casting process.  We track production and scrap as well as on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Engineering and Technical:

Fisher will assist with up-front investment casting and tooling design to give the greatest probability of success. MAGMASOFT investment casting simulation software aids the up-front work to predict casting defects.  Fisher utilizes SOLIDWORKS CAD in tandem with MAGMASOFT.


Our investment foundry is both ISO 9001:2015 and PED certified. We are committed to continually improving our operation to supply the highest quality casting.  Fisher utilites traditional measurement tools as well as faro scanning and probing.  We have in-house NDT quality personnel to perform testing that is required.


For investment casting projects, tooling is generally aluminum. Tooling can be designed with automatic features to reduce labor for lower cost and increased throughput.  For prototype and quick turnaround projects, our foundry group has experience with 3-D printed wax to speed up the process and avoid high-cost tooling to prove out parts before production.  

Manufacturing and Equipment:

Our investment foundry processes parts with multiple wax presses and melt units. We utilize multiple methods of blasting to clean parts.  Major capital expenditures have been made in recent years to give our operation the ability to grow.  Casting weights are generally 0 – 20 lbs.

Your consistent high level of performance on all our orders is noticed and appreciated. We can always count on Fisher.
— VP of Operations, Aerospace Industry