Pulp & Paper

Fisher Cast Steel has long supplied the pulp and paper making industry with cast parts in stainless and carbon steel shipped throughout the world. Equipment for new plants as well as short lead time, replacement, parts is common.

Fisher prides itself with its on-time delivery and quality parts. Plant down time is costly and our ability to meet the customer’s challenge is critical. Rotors, housings, glands, impellers and refiner plates are examples of parts produced.

Our in-house engineering group is capable of creating 3-D models from older drawings to aid the manufacturing process. This, along with MAGMASOFT simulation, allow Fisher to work with customer engineers and supply the best possible part.

Fisher Cast Steel poured for the pulp and paper industry include, CA6NM, CA15, CF8M, CF3M, 17-4, duplex as well as carbon and tool steels. See a complete list of alloys poured.

Casting sizes range from 1 – 8,500 lbs. Fisher has in-house NDT capabilities to ensure parts meet required specifications.