Power Generation

Fisher has manufactured stainless and carbon steel no-bake and investment castings for the power generation industry since its inception. Hydroelectric, natural gas, nuclear and coal power generation customers have relied on Fisher’s experience and service for decades.

All new casting projects receive solidification analysis at Fisher prior to manufacturing. This means MAGMASOFT simulation to verify gating and risering before real time manufacturing in the foundry. This diligence sets Fisher apart from its peers to ensure projects with stringent quality and non-destructive requirements (magnetic particle, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant and radiography) are met.

Fisher Cast Steel manufactures various grades of austenitic, martensitic, heat-resistant and low alloy carbon steel. Materials include CA6NM, CF3/304, CF8M or CF3M/316, HH/309, WCC, WCB, LCC, LCB. See a complete list of alloys poured.

Casting sizes range from 1 oz. – 8,500 lbs. Fisher has in-house NDT capabilities to ensure parts meet required specifications.


Hydro Power

Fisher Cast Steel's experience with hydroelectric or hydropower stainless and steel castings dates back to our origin. Our knowledge of these critical components and quality requirements is paramount to our customer's success. Fisher has supplied thousands of castings to both public and private hydro power projects in North America, South America and Europe. Castings such as wicket gates, single-piece cast runners, crowns, bands, vanes, buckets, hubs, levers are some examples of stainless and carbon steel parts manufactured.