Fisher Cast Steel has the capability to CNC or hand cut patterns for nearly all stainless and carbon steel castings. We will help identify the most suitable patternmaking method no matter the size or complexity of your job. Fisher is equipped with an experienced, in-house pattern shop as well as highly qualified outside pattern shops.

At Fisher, we offer pattern options such as wood, urethane, aluminum, polystyrene or Styrofoam as well as 3-D sand printed molds and cores. The diverse range of patternmaking options allows our customers to choose the best option to fit cost and lead time expectation of their project.

Fisher Cast Steel utilizes the latest version of Solidworks CAD to aid the patternmaking process. Our Faro Arm measurement tool can be used to verify pattern accuracy. MAGMASOFT casting simulation is employed to verify the gating and riser design that is critical to the patternmaking process.