Production Castings

Fisher Cast Steel utilizes a foundry specific ERP system to manage all aspects of casting manufacturing. This software allows us to manage your open orders and Kanban or stocking program needed for repeat, production work of stainless and carbon steel castings.

Fisher Cast Steel manufactures with the latest casting simulation, molding, pouring, heat treatment and finishing technology to provide consistent quality. We can handle nearly all NDT requirements for your project.

Mold and core making with sand mixers are numerically controlled to provide precise amounts of binder, sand and additives. The highest quality of sand is used at Fisher and is 100% thermally reclaimed and classified before being used. The ability to reuse sand is green and environmentally friendly.

At Fisher Cast Steel, pouring is done with state of the art coreless induction melting furnaces capable of melting 1,000 to 11,500 lbs at one time.